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Eric Summers: Muscle Worshippers

Eric Summers: Muscle Worshippers

USA 2006, 261 pp., brochure,  16.59
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Do you like the feel of another man as you wrestle for domination? Do you like to worship pumped and flexed muscles? Do you like the look of a hot man in a jock or white briefs? Do you want to lather up your buddy in shower after after a hard workout and then oil him up and watch him flex? The men in »Muscle Worshippers«, an anthology of erotic gay stories, are just like you. Their mouths, hands and cocks are their instruments of desire as they rub and lick biceps, pecs, quads and necks, and are rubbed and licked in return by their partners, buddies and lovers. And, in the end, no one gets screwed! The stories in this highly charged gay erotica anthology have been written by authors like Shane Allison, Christopher Pierce and a couple of new names.
Schwul > Erotica
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