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Michael T. Luongo: Looking for Love in Faraway Places

Michael T. Luongo: Looking for Love in Faraway Places

USA 2007, 154pp., brochure, € 14.79
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This collection of real stories of gay men who sought and found love and romance in exotic and distant locations candidly recalls the fact that while love may have no boundaries, the law certainly does. And so does life sometimes. Travel, like love, is perilous, surprising, exhausting, rewarding, and ultimately necessary for those souls looking to gain new perspectives of self and home. Editor Michael Luongo invited writers to expose their explorations overseas. And if the language of love doesn't always translate well then what sometimes can't be said can certainly be felt, remembered, and shared. So many travel guides are designed to make us feel either safe or at least well-informed. Thankfully, this book offers no maps, just a collection of stories that widens the definition of the gay experience past a few American metropolises, touching on issues from marriage rights to immigration and terrorism, all while keeping a smart eye on an irrefutable fact: the heart's wings will take it wherever it wants to go.
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