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Ali Liebegott: The IHOP Papers

Ali Liebegott: The IHOP Papers

USA 2007, 247 pp., brochure,  14.95
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Francesca, a disgruntled 20-year-old lesbian IHOP waitress, tries desperately to pull together the pieces of her young, scattered life. Newly arrived in San Francisco, she has fled her hometown, where she rented her childhood room from the new family who moved in when her parents moved out. But the move to San Francisco is no mere coincidence. A lonely virgin searching for her sexual identity and obsessed with her philosophy teacher, Francesca follows her professor, Irene, to California, where Irene has relocated in order to live in a nonviolent household with her two young lovers. Once in S.F., however, Francesca is forced by dire circumstances to work at the local pancake house. Much to her dismay, the new employer requires Francesca to wear a ridiculous Heidi of the Alps uniform. Half-suicidal, half-euphoric, Francesca seeks distraction in anything or anyone from her unrequited love for Irene.
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