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Mel Smith: Sweet Lips

Mel Smith: Sweet Lips

USA 2006, 223 pp., brochure,  13.89
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»Brokeback Mountain« left an undisputable impression on many writers. Or so it seems. Gay cowboys have never been en vogue as much as they are today. Deke McCallister is working as a ranch-hand for the Crooked J - and for the nasty owner, Harlan Jennings, Deke is about to get the surprise of his life in the form of love. The object of his affection is a young man named Wyatt, who, after a sudden burst of passion, Deke quickly dubs »Sweet Lips«. The trouble is, Wyatt is the boss's son, and they've been caught in the act. Knowing their own survival is at stake, both Deke and Wyatt run off to spend their lives together. Chasing after them is a posse determined to hang Deke for his actions and desperate to bring Wyatt home safely. As the hunt intensifies, Deke and Wyatt realize that this grand adventure is about their growing love for each other.
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