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Etienne Faure (R): In Extremis (To the Extreme)

Etienne Faure (R): In Extremis (To the Extreme)

F 2000, frz. OF mit engl. UT,  29.99
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Thomas is a handsome young hedonist living in Paris. He lives a wild, reckless life that includes sexual escapades with men and women, boozy nights clubbing and living the moment. Despite his many lovers, including his prostitute friend Anne, his most significant relationship is with his neighbour Caroline who's living with her young son, Grégoire. Thomas also likes Gregoire very much, is reminded by Grégoire of himself when he was in the boy's age. In a twist of fate, Caroline is found dead in her apartment, leaving Grégoire without a guardian. Almost immediately Thomas has surrogate fatherhood thrust upon him. Although he loves the boy, it's clear that his lifestyle won't permit him to assume the role of foster parent. He finds solace with the very attractive Vincent, with whom he attempts to forget his loyalty to Grégoire.
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