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Graeme Aitken: 50 Ways of Saying Fabulous

Graeme Aitken: 50 Ways of Saying Fabulous

AUS 2006, 241 pp., brochure, € 14.79
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Sweet, fat, theatrical Billy-Boy was never cut out to be a farmer, but as his father's only son he's obliged to try. The cows are wayward and the chores are gruelling. But Billy finds escape in a fantasy world where the turnip paddock becomes a lunar landscape, a lavender bed jacket a slinky space suit, a cow's tail a head of beautiful blonde hair, and where Billy can become Judy Robinson, heroine of TV's »Lost in Space«. But not everyone approves of Billy's transformation. On the brink of adolescence, he is about to discover that growing up is a lot more complicated and confusing than he could have ever imagined. A comic story for anyone who grew up gay in a small town.
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