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Rachel K. Bussel, Christopher Pierce (eds.): Secret Slaves

Rachel K. Bussel, Christopher Pierce (eds.): Secret Slaves

USA 2006, 267 pp., brochure,  14.79
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The Fetish Chest is that secret place you go to unleash your inner fantasy and indulge your wildest dreams - a hidden place where your hungers are satiated and your obsessions fulfilled. It's a forbidden place where gender is transcended and sexuality has no limits. Unlock the chest and live your fetish. Master the secret craving of being caught, trapped, bound, tied up, immobilized. Whether it's the initial flush of a length of rope on your wrist, the securing of a blindfold over your eyes, or that first crack of a whip - this collection of fetish erotica will unleash an inner lust never before imagined. Kinkier than any dreams, and bound to make you tremble, this collection demands you submit to your every whim.
Schwul > Erotica
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