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Alice Cicolini: The New English Dandy

Alice Cicolini: The New English Dandy

USA 2005, 176 pp, hardbound,  42.30
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The contemporary Englishman and the designers who design for him stepped into the international style limelight when journalists at Italian Menswear Fashion Week proclaimed that the “noughties” were the decade of British tailoring. Fusing classical principles with today’s sensibilities, the book celebrates the return of the well-dressed man. Each thematic section features a specially commissioned fashion shoot by a rising star of fashion photography and a text of bespoke inspiration, instruction, interviews and insight. A reference section provides a tailor’s glossary and contact information. A fashion handbook and treasure trove of ideas tailored to the contemporary male or metrosexual, »The New English Dandy« sets the standard for today’s new man about town.
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