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Mary Renault: The Friendly Young Ladies

Mary Renault: The Friendly Young Ladies

UK 2005, 312 pp., brochure,  15.79
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Elsie, sheltered and naive, is 17 and unhappy. Stifled by life with her bickering parents in a bleak Cornish village, she falls in love with the first presentable young man she meets: Peter, an ambitious London doctor. On his advice she runs away from home and goes to live with her sister Leonora, who escaped years earlier. But there are surprises in store for conventional Elsie as her sister has a rather bohemian lifestyle: not only does Leo live in a houseboat on the Thames where she writes Westerns for a living, she shares her boat, and her bed, with the lovely Helen. When Peter pays this strange menage a visit, turning his attention from one »friendly« young lady to the next, he disturbs the calm for each of them - with results unforeseen by all.
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