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Perry N. Halkitis: Barebacking

Perry N. Halkitis: Barebacking

USA 2005, 176 pp., brochure, € 28.50
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In this dark age of politically selective science and simple-minded approaches to sex education, this book comes as a welcome relief. Barebacking is a complex and increasingly common phenomenon. These studies address important sociological psychosexual elements that cause men to take part in unsafe sex. Internet porn sites, party drugs, AIDS fatigue, need for intimacy, and low self-esteem are only some of the factors that affect the way men negotiate safety during sex with their partners. While most government health agencies cling to a gravely inadequate »abstinence only« message, these prominent scientists take a good look at issues that make a real difference. Although these studies are geared toward scientists and clinical workers, this book is also targeting any sexually active individual.
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