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Joel B. Tan: Inside Him

Joel B. Tan: Inside Him

USA 2006, 217 pp., brochure, € 14.79
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This book - »Inside Him« - lays bare the flesh and soul of gay male desire. Award-winning editor Joel B. Tan (author and editor of »Best Gay Asian Erotica«, »Queer PAPI porn«, »Monster« and »Type 0 Negative«) shares some of the world's edgiest erotica stripped of the predictable formulas: a hot, muggy Bombay heartbreak, a dizzying, drugged-out comedy in West Hollywood, Eagle Scout knots and tortured ex-con bottoms, the banalities of an overworked leather master from Pasadena, and more. These sexual storytellers represent the finest among today's established and emerging voices: Andy Quan, Darieck Scott, R. Zamora Linmark, Philip Huang, Tony Valenzuela, and Louis Anthes, among others.
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