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George K. Ilsley: ManBug

George K. Ilsley: ManBug

CAN 2006, 228 pp., brochure,  15.69
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When Tom, a dyslexic bisexual Buddhist, attempts to give his boyfriend, Sebastian, a gay entomologist with Asperger's syndrome, an ironic superhero nickname, he transposes the words »bug man«. »ManBug« is the result. Author George K. Ilsley's debut novel follows the bumpy course of their relationship as they traverse Tom's addiction to deflowering sensitive »manboys« and Sebastian's Gregor Samsa–esque identification with insects. The strength of the novel comes from Ilsley's language play and his ability to make Sebastian's symptoms of Asperger's, which render him unable to read emotions, serve as a handy metaphor for how at sea anyone can feel when navigating relationships. But Ilsley's larky and radiant story provides more than the anatomy of a disorder.
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