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Fred Carrier: Maurice and Alec in America

Fred Carrier: Maurice and Alec in America

USA 2005, 280 pp., brochure,  18.20
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Caught in a sexual attraction too powerful to dismiss, youthful Maurice and Alec flee England's law against sodomy and rigid class society that would keep them apart. They set out in the year of 1924 aboard the »Olympic« in search of freedom to love. Arriving in wonderful America, the land of dreams, with the promise of the Statue of Liberty, once they settle in Philadelphia the same family opposition to Alec awaits Maurice who dares not reject his uncle's business connections at a price. Alec loathes the needs of secrecy imposed by society and oppressive laws against homosexuality. Espousing a philosophy of natural liberty, he embarks on sexual adventure that shatters their lives. Maurice is left to rescue the pieces or return disenchanted to England. An interesting fantasy about how E.M. Foster could have continued »Maurice«.
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