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Sean Fisher (Hg.): Dorm Porn

Sean Fisher (Hg.): Dorm Porn

USA 2006, 250pp., brochure, € 14.79
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Ah, college, that was the life. A bunch of hot, young and horny guys living on their own and ready to experiment for the first time, bonking like rabbits. Walk past any dormitory and you can feel the sexual energy oozing from its walls, and let's not forget its occupants. Such choices. Horny roommates ready to get to know you better. Married professors yearning to find out who wants an A the most. Frat initiations that are a little more creative than swallowing. Uh, swallowing a live goldfish, that is. Whatever your fantasy may be, you can certainly find it on campus. Just what are our lusty students up to? You can spark your imagination with such stories as »The Professor as Sex Object« and »Lust on the Lawn« and live out your college-day fantasies with »Spring Fling« and »Freshman-Class Stud«.
Schwul > Erotica
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