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Rachel Pepper: The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy for Lesbians

Rachel Pepper: The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy for Lesbians

USA 2006, 271 pp., brochure,  19.95
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You could scour libraries, and the Internet for months without finding the kind of logistical and emotional support this book will provide: at last, a lesbian-specific treatise on making a baby and what to do with it once it arrives. Written with humor and insight by a mom who herself rode the conception roller coaster, this revised and updated edition will guide you every step of the way - from your 1st ovulation kit right up through the 1st weeks after your baby's birth: charting your body's own fertility signs, preconception planning for both singles and couples, selecting a sperm bank or donor, inseminating to maximize your chance of pregnancy, sex, desire, and self-esteem during pregnancy, negotiating family roles, labor, birth, and welcoming your baby, and support for partners and coparents.
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