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Karin Kallmaker: Just Like That

Karin Kallmaker: Just Like That

USA 2005, 206 pp., brochure, € 10.79
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Syrah Ardani tried independence - but the call of the Napa Valley hills and rolling vineyards of her family's winery have brought her home again. Corporate turnaround specialist Toni Blanchard's arrival is preceded by tales of her slash-and-burn techniques. Determined to meet this soulless corporate raider head on, Syrah proudly prepares to do battle for her home and family business. Toni has been told that Syrah is attractive and single, but Toni never mixes business and pleasure. Toni's father wants her to save his old friend from bankrupcy, so the court has appointed her to safeguard the creditors. The creditors clamor for a quick sale and payment and Syrah wants Toni off her land and out of her life. Most dangerous of all is the one thing Toni can't control - the way her heart reacts when Syrah looks at her.
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