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Alasdair Duncan: Dance, Recover, Repeat

Alasdair Duncan: Dance, Recover, Repeat

Go out, Get Wasted, Meet a Boy. USA 2005, 373 pp., brochure,  12.45
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Calvin is 16 and bored with suburban life. But in the city, things are altogether much more exciting. Calvin meets Anthony - and the boys quickly become obsessed with each other. Then Calvin discovers pictures of Anthony on a pornographic website and is drawn into his new friend's seedy underworld. Just as he's discovering what it's like when first love meets first sex, when friendship meets lust, and when love meets loss, his teen angst morphs into full-on self-destructiveness and puts him on the path to an absolutely shocking series of events. From an edgy new voice comes a frenetic novel about boredom, porn, and pills. With total command of the world he creates for his characters - in which the computer is just another pill you can pop, another way to run and hide, like drinking or drugging or having sex.
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