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Jack Hart (Hg.): My First Time 4

Jack Hart (Hg.): My First Time 4

USA 2005, 223 pp., brochure,  14.29
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Gay men from around the world recount their first-time sexual experiences in this all-new collection of sexy true stories. In this latest volume of »My First Time«, each of these men's debut fucks is not only hot - it's simply special, as are yours and mine, and they have taken these life lessons with them to every other bed they have been in since. They suggest you do the same. Does any men ever really forget what it feels like to touch another man for the first time, to taste the precum that's so often quickly followed by the real shebang. And much more important: can he ever forget the moment when he knew for certain he was perfectly happy having the girls stay on the other side of the playground?
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