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Richard Labonté (ed.): Best Gay Erotica 2006

Richard Labonté (ed.): Best Gay Erotica 2006

USA 2005, 287pp., brochure,  14.79
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»Best Gay Erotica 06« is a collection of hot erotic gay stories. From the sexy striptease of a magnificently buff lover in James Williams's »The End« to the fevered games of a skater boy and a pink-haired goth in »DogBoy and the BetaGoth« by Nadyalec Hijazi and Ben Blackthorne, Best Gay Erotica holds something for really every wicked taste. In Jeff Mann's »Daddy Dave«, a lover awakens his gentle new partner's dominant side by letting him witness a master's skillful savagery. Steven Zeeland's »Trouble Loves Me« maps a porn director's odyssey through a vivid underworld of bad boy marines, sailors, and submariners. Since more than a decade now, »Best Gay Erotica« is the bestselling gay erotica series in America!
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