Löwenherz - die Buchhandlung in Wien. Fachbuchhandlung mit schwulem und lesbischem Sortiment.
Patrice Chéreau (R): Son frère

Patrice Chéreau (R): Son frère

F 2002, fr. OF, engl. UT, 88 min., € 19.99
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Brothers Thomas and Luc have an estranged relationship. One day, Thomas comes to Luc's apartment explaining that he is ill and asks if Luc will accompany him to the hospital. Thomas has an undetermined platelet disorder which is treated with cortisone and splenectomy - neither help. Luc, who happens to be gay, and is in a relationship with Vincent, is viewed by their father as the stronger of the two and wishes it was Luc that were ill, as he could beat the illness. Thomas's girlfriend, Claire, leaves Thomas when she realizes he only wants his brother Luc around. Luc's relationship with Vincent is also strained as Luc takes Thomas to the family home in Brittany. The film jumps forward in time to allow about 18 months to be covered during the course of the film. By the end of the film, the brothers reconcile their relationship.
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