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Arthur Wooten: On Picking Fruit

Arthur Wooten: On Picking Fruit

USA 2005,159 pp., brochure, € 15.89
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Although he was born gay, Curtis Jenkins has trouble picking fruit. Now a successful middle-aged New York City writer, he is still searching for the man of his dreams. Unfortunately, Chris has already formed a self-destructive pattern of choosing all the wrong men in all the wrong places. After a bizarre yet comical attempt at suicide Curtis becomes a reluctant patient of the aging and eccentric psychiatrist Dr. Magda Tunick. She pushes Jenkins to explore the real reasons why he hasn't found love and helps him to discover the important qualities he desires in a man. Eager to help Curtis on his quest to find his true soul mate is his irreverent and unpredictable mother, Mrs. J., and his incorrigible best friend and soap opera writer, Quinn.
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