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Rick Copp: The Actor's Guide to Adultery

Rick Copp: The Actor's Guide to Adultery

USA 2005, 296 pp., brochure,  13.89
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Bad news: former child actor Jarrod Jarvis fails to convince the California parole board not to release the stalker who has followed him since his 1st commercial. Then, Jarrod's NBC pilot flatlines before it even hits the air. And, finally, his agent/best friend Laurette decides to marry gorgeous, talent-free, and dubiously shady soap actor Juan Carlos Barranco. During Laurette's wedding, one of the guests has a heated scene of his own with Juan Carlos - just before crashing into the wedding cake, poisoned by a glass of champagne. Jarrod is convinced that Juan Carlos is connected to the murder, and he's determined to get the goods on Laurette's new husband, even if it means trailing him to the set of his latest movie. Now, trapped in surreal Florida, Jarrod is living out his worst nightmare: keeping an eye on his best friend's cheating husband, fighting his own attraction to a butch P.I., and running from the mob.
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