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Dennis Cooper: God Jr.

Dennis Cooper: God Jr.

USA 2005, 163 pp., brochure,  12.95
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Jim has been an emotional mess ever since that terrible day when he got into a car accident that killed his teenage son, Tommy. Tommy had been distant, transfixed by video games, a mystery to the man who raised him. Since the accident, Jim gets around in a wheelchair, this seems for him to be a perfectly good punishment for himself: being disabled. He also smokes a lot of pot, which may explain why he is determined to turn one of his son's routine drawings into a huge monument in the backyard. When he discovers that Tommy made the sketch from a video game, Jim becomes obsessed with playing it to the detriment of his job and marriage. As Jim and his wife love, flail, screw up, and search in the most unlikely places for ways to make sense of loss.
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