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Michael Chabon: The Mysteries of Pittsburgh

Michael Chabon: The Mysteries of Pittsburgh

USA 2005, 297 pp. + 15 P.S. on Author & Book, brochure,  12.99
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Art Bechstein, a young college student who has a gangster father, romantic problems, and a growing collection of bizarre friends, meets Arthur Lecomte, a handsome young homosexual who proceeds to initiate Art into his own world for reasons that are his own. Through Arthur, Art meets Cleveland, a motorcycle-driving hellion with an untold intelligence, and Phlox, a young woman with small dimensions but strange trappings in her mental niche. The former is a living legend and thus proceeds to make trouble for Art while making an undeniable impression on him. As for Phlox, she becomes Art's lover in a turbulent relationship not helped by the presence of Arthur Lecomte. With this trendy and eccentric group, Art will face questions concerning the true nature of his gangster father, his own sexuality (for not only will Phlox tempt Art, but so will Arthur), and what he wants to do with his life, for as the novel begins, Art is very much in confusion about things.
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