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Kate Clinton: What the L?

Kate Clinton: What the L?

USA 2005, 264 pp., brochure,  14.79
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This essay collection chronicles what happened to lots of Ls: lesbians, liberals, leftists, lawyers, Ellen, lifestylists, leaders, lords, liars, lapsed catholics, lovers and losers in the reign of W II. These essays are written from the perspective of, to paraphrase a certain former governor of New Jersey, a Lesbian American. Kate Clinton is a very popular lesbian comic living under one of the all-time-worst American presidents. Her essays are not intended to be in a pessimistic, shocked and awed, bug-eyed, incredulous, leaving-America, head-shakingly sad, somebody-always-ends-up-in-fears recitation of a slimily slicked series of unfortunate current events tone, but rather, in a buoyant, smartass, get-a-load-of-this, relentöessly optimistic, might as well-live »What the L?« tone.