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Mel Smith: Nasty

Mel Smith: Nasty

USA 2005, 264 pp., brochure,  14.95
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You may already be holding »Nasty« in your hands: you must be ready for an erotic escape. But how can you - a discriminating connoisseur of raunchy writing - be sure this is a book that can deliver the money shot? The writings of Mel Smith have appeared in »In Touch«, »Indulge«, »Friction #6«, »Law of Desire«, »Frat Sex«, »Just the Sex«, »Best Gay Erotica 2002«, »Best American Erotica 2003«, and »Best of the Best Meat Erotica«. These stories will drag you kicking and screaming through a world of cops, cowboys, wizards, and whores: from prisons to back alleys to hyperspace - from sweet romance to knock-down, drag-out nasty sex. Heavy-duty raunch from the oversexed and pleasingly filthy mind of Mel Smith. that will guarantee a money shot.
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