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Jim Gladstone (ed.): Skin & Ink

Jim Gladstone (ed.): Skin & Ink

USA 2005, 253 pp., brochure,  13.79
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Grab hold of your masterpiece. Tattooed love-boys. Ink-licking leathermen. Technicolored studs. Get ready for a gripping blend of flesh and fantasy in these 22 vibrantly original tales of hot men and tempting tattoos. If you've ever felt the heat of an inky sun rising over the waistband of a shirtless hunk's jeans, if you've ever stared at a cobra coiled around an irresistible bicep, or if you've ever found yourself wishing for a man who was truly a work of art, »Skin & Ink« will lure you into the depths of your wildest dreams. The author has assembled a stunning gallery of erotic short fiction that will really turn you on, touch you, and open your eyes to an endless canvas of seduction. In the tattooed world of this volume, every picture tells a dirty story.
Schwul > Erotica
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