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Frankie J. Jones: For Every Season

Frankie J. Jones: For Every Season

USA 2005, 234 pp., brochure ,  12.89
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New book from the best-selling author of »Survival of Love«, »The Midas Touch«, and »Room for Love«. After losing her job and girlfriend in the same day, Andrea »Andi« Kane goes home to San Antonio to rest and re-evaluate her life. But her relaxation is quickly disrupted when she receives a rather mysterious request from her grandmother. Soon Andi's travels take her to HiHo, a small town in South Texas. There she meets a host of colorful citizens, including the charming district attorney Janice Reed. And as Andi struggles with rebuilding her life, she finds herself being drawn deeper into the rich tapestry - and sometimes deadly mysteries - of small town life. Will the truth finally be uncovered?
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