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Nick Street (ed.): Best Gay Love Stories 2005

Nick Street (ed.): Best Gay Love Stories 2005

USA 2005, 301 pp., brochure,  14.79
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A would-be gay basher in Little Italy misses his mark but accidentally knocks some sense into two long-time friends who've spent years ignoring their feelings for each other. Kind words from a stranger on a train help a grieving lover make a new connection. Bad boys from Philadelphia's mean streets hook up where angels fear to tread. When his sister Gretel snags a hot date to the prom, Hansel despairs of ever finding a boy of his own - until a very special fairy steps in with a few helpful hints. In this first volume of a new anthology series, editor Nick Street gathers 25 tales - from the sentimental to the fanciful, from the heartrending to the inspiring - by some of the most talented writers on the queer literary scene: Lawrence Schimel, Simon Sheppard, Jay Quinn, Greg Herren, and many others.
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