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Phillip Scott: Mardi Gras Murders

Phillip Scott: Mardi Gras Murders

USA 2005, 245 pp., brochure,  12.99
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Against the backdrop of state elections, Phillip Scott's likable but unlikely amateur sleuths from down under, Marc and Paul, find themselves investigating a series of bizarre murders. Marc Petrucci is semiretired, single, and strictly amateur in his newfound role as a sleuth in Sydney's fabulous gay demimonde. Romance? At 50, he figured he was out to pasture. In any case, his charming but hapless best friend Paul has turned into a media-slut TV personality, which keeps Marc in the mix and on the toes. Then the election of a homo-hating politician spawns a series of deadly hate crimes. Before they know it, Marc and Paul are tangling with murder, media moguls, the colorful chaos of Mardi Gras, a sexy new neighbor and a weepy ex-boyfriend. Whodunit? What to wear?
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