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C. Jay Cox, T. Fabris: Latter Days

C. Jay Cox, T. Fabris: Latter Days

USA 2004, 232 pp., brochure,  13.59
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West Hollywood pretty boy Christian Markelli takes special pride in his talent for bending straight boys. So when young Mormon missionaries set up housekeeping in the apartment across the way, he and his friends place bets on how long it will take Christian to »convert« one of the apple-cheeked evangelists to homosexuality. The hitch in the plan: no one could've predicted that Christian - basically a handsome, young man who flits from guy to guy without much of a thought in his pretty little head - would fall in love with Aaron, the most earnest believer in the bunch. As Aaron struggles to reconcile his feelings for Christian with his love for his church, Christian tries to prove to Aaron that he's more than a WeHo player with a kitschy apartment and closet full of spandex. But when Aaron's fellow missionaries discover the budding romance, Aaron and Christian must choose.
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