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Alex Buchman (ed.): Barracks Bad Boys

Alex Buchman (ed.): Barracks Bad Boys

USA 2004, 152 pp., brochure, € 12.29
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Building on the success of his debut »A Night in the Barracks«, former U.S. Marine Alex Buchman presents a unique collection of erotic memoirs by or about »bad boys« in the armed forces. The theme of this book is trouble. All-too-true stories of criminally sexy soldiers and sailors in trouble, who cause trouble, or who just plain are trouble. The unvarnished accounts of romance with baby-faced deserters bound for the brig make for riveting reading. Equally gripping is the candid pillow talk of young military men whose trouble runs deeper than mere »unauthorized absence« or »indecent acts«. Buchman's radical approach to an otherwise rigidly formulaic sub-genre: he does the legion of purportedly »true confessions« books with a military theme one better: the first-person narratives he has assembled actually are true.
Schwul > Erotica
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