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Christine Geraghty: My Beautiful Laundrette

Christine Geraghty: My Beautiful Laundrette

UK 2005, 108 pp., brochure,  18.29
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»My Beautiful Laundrette« is a phenomenon, a small TV film which became a political and social landmark, a classic which speaks to audiences today. It is a gay romance, a lesson in ethnic diversity, a riposte to Thatcherite principles and a celebration of the edgy possibilities of London in the 1980s. A crucial film for director Stephen Frears and writer Hanif Kureishi, it put Daniel Day-Lewis on the map and reshaped Saeed Jaffrey's career. The author traces out how the film came to have this status. She connects it to crucial debates about black cinema and identity but more generally explores its reputation as a mythic film. She gives an account of the film's narrative, mise-en-scene and performances and shows how it becomes a celebration of cinema as a utopian space.
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