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Louise Welsh: Tamburlaine Must Die

Louise Welsh: Tamburlaine Must Die

UK 2004, 152 pp., pb,  12.29
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1593: London is a city on edge. Under threat from plague and war, it's a desperate place where strangers are unwelcome and severed heads grin from spikes on Tower Bridge. Playwright, poet and spy, Christopher Marlowe has three days to live. Three days in which he confronts dangerous government factions, double agents, necromancy, betrayal and revenge. He's accused of being the author of a frivolous and sacrilegious pamphlet. There are many more suspects to the crime. One of them is Marlowe's ex-lover. Marlowe tries desperately to prove his own innocence. But he starts to get entangled in a web of intrigues and machinations that lead to his mysterious death. A high quality thriller about the author of »Edward II«.
Schwul > Romane
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