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Joel B. Tan: Best Gay Asian Erotica

Joel B. Tan: Best Gay Asian Erotica

USA 2004, 252 pp., brochure, € 13.99
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Go beyond the locker room in this playful, imaginative, and lushly written collection of gay Asian erotica, with settings as diverse as a bamboo grove in China and a sleepy crank caller's L.A. apartment. This homoerotic anthology brings together stories of lust and adventure - each with a queer Asian man as the focus of desire. In »Mimesis«, a newly deaf man discovers ritualistic sexual theater under the tutelage of a charismatic teacher. »The Chair« describes a Malay tribe whose beautiful boys have a second, hidden tongue awaiting the explorer. »True Love« involves ordering-in from 7 Chinese restaurants and feeding your lover with your hands. For die-hard traditionalists, there's even a locker room story.
Schwul > Erotica
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