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Lawrence Schimel, Sebas: Vacation in Ibiza

Lawrence Schimel, Sebas: Vacation in Ibiza

USA 2003, 58 pp., brochure, € 11.99
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Ibiza: the Mediterranean island is transformed into a gay paradise every summer, drawing thousands of handsome young gay men from all over the world. The beaches, the discos, even the streets themselves all become a sunny, sensual playground. Award-winning author Lawrence Schimel teams up with Catalan artist Sebas to create this sexy graphic novel about best friends Marek and Bernd. It's Marek's first time on Ibiza, whereas Bern has been coming for years and knows all the ins and outs of the island. While traveling together, each takes a different path. Bernd sleeps his way across the globe, having sex each night - or day - with a boy from a different country. Marek on the other hand finds himself in an ongoing liaison with a local boy he meets after a few days.
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