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Emily O'Beirne: The Best Mistake

Emily O'Beirne: The Best Mistake

D 2023, 260 pp., brochure, € 18.95
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Ylva Verlag
A chance weekend fling becomes an electrifying escape for two strangers?until they meet again under very different circumstances. A one-night-to-forever lesbian romance. Uptight, icy Ava Harris, rocked by grief and terrible romantic decisions, moves to Melbourne for a new university job. She definitely doesn't expect to encounter the ghost of a dirty weekend in her first week there. Kind, charismatic Sofia Juma, who runs a campus tutoring program for migrant students, barely recognises Ava as the charmer she met months ago, given the woman's frosty brush-offs. When the universe keeps hurling them together, and that old attraction flares again, Ava keeps giving in to Sofia's charms. Sex is easy, but intimacy takes courage. While Sofia is brave, a wounded Ava is still running scared. If she ever catches up, will it be too late? A second chances romance about healing old wounds and learning that independence doesn't have to mean being alone.
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