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Andrew Holleran: The Kingdom of Sand

Andrew Holleran: The Kingdom of Sand

UK 2023, 272 pp., brochure, € 17.95
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Andrew Holleran's novel »Dancer from the Dance« of 1978 - a literary description of gay life and subculture of New York in the times before the AIDS crisis - has become a part of the queer canon. With his new novel »The Kingdom of Sand«, Holleran moves forward to the present - and the gay life he now explores differs greatly from the colorful sexy adventurous times when Long Island was a gay paradise. The place where his new protagonist lives is where all old people who can afford it seem to go: Florida. This kind of living is far from spectacular. Going to a porn theater called a »video arcade« in the middle of nowhere seems to be the closest thing to sex the old gay men can look forward to. If they're lucky they might find a young broke man for a blowjob for little money. Ageing, the death of friends, and health issues seem to dominate their lives. Most of the good things in life can only be found in their memories. Semi-solitude isn't a choice here but destiny.- Paired with impressive language, Holleran moves on with this new novel into a realm of melancholy where there's no way back to the glory days when all these gay men were young, golden, attractive, hopefully looking forward to an optimistic future. They seem to have borrowed time from their demise and to have built the rest of their lives on sand.
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