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Frankie Miren / Alison Rumfitt: Morbid Obsessions

Frankie Miren / Alison Rumfitt: Morbid Obsessions

On Trans and Sex Worker Bodies and Writing Fiction from the Margins. UK 2022, 112 pp., brochure,  19.95
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The histories of the trans and sex worker rights movements are closely intertwined and, particularly in the UK, it's rare to find a carceral feminist who isn't also a rabid transphobe. What does it mean to write as part of a community that is under attack? Where, in fiction, is the line between exploring harmful ideology and humanising it? In »Morbid Obsessions« Alison Rumfitt and Frankie Miren explore these questions and talk about the crossover in the ways they chose to approach them in their novels »Tell Me I'm Worthless« and »The Service, covering the pornographic interest in sex workers and trans women, online violence, moral panic, creative representation, and paying tribute to sex worker and trans activism through fiction. Frank, funny, and hopeful, and featuring two new stories, an introduction by writer and historian Morgan M. Page, and an interview with Natalia Santana Mendes, »Morbid Obsessions« is an urgent and vital conversation about making art as collective struggle.