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Alice Oseman: The Heartstopper Yearbook

Alice Oseman: The Heartstopper Yearbook

UK 2022, 160 pp., colour, hardback,  22.95
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Now the live-action Netflix series! Boy meets boy. Boys become friends. Boys fall in love. This joyful trip into the LGBTQ world of Heartstopper is the perfect gift for anyone who loves the graphic novels or Netflix TV series - from Alice Oseman, bestselling author and winner of the YA Book Prize. The full-colour Heartstopper Yearbook is packed full of exclusive content from the Heartstopper universe - including never-before-seen illustrations, an exclusive mini-comic, a look back at Alice's Heartstopper artwork over the years, character profiles, trivia, and insights into her creative process - all narrated by a cartoon version of Alice herself.
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