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Roslyn Sinclair: Truth and Measure - The Carlisle Series: Book 1

Roslyn Sinclair: Truth and Measure - The Carlisle Series: Book 1

D 2022, 376 pp., brochure,  19.99
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Ylva Verlag
What happens when the world's fiercest fashion editor learns she's pregnant - and her distracting assistant is the only one she can turn to? This wildly popular age-gap lesbian romance mixes humor and chaos with self-discovery. Jules Moretti is newly single, an aspiring writer, and the hyper-competent assistant to the most powerful woman in fashion. It's a tough job, but her ice queen boss won't settle for less than perfection. Vivian Carlisle helms the internationally revered fashion publication »Du Jour«. She might be smack in the middle of a messy divorce, but you have to make sacrifices to be the best. That's what she tells herself, anyway. When the unthinkable happens, Vivian's regimented world is turned upside-down. Her life is about power, success, and dominance - not a baby! This single, shocking moment throws boss and assistant together into an intimacy neither could have imagined. With their lives in chaos, every day brings a new challenge bigger than the last. But everything will work out - just so long as they don't do anything totally ridiculous. Like fall in love. This slow-burn office romance is a steamy story of fashion, passion, and the power of the unexpected.
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