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Wendy Hudson: The Island Between Us

Wendy Hudson: The Island Between Us

A Survival Exercise Turns Real in This Adventure Romance. D 2021, 304 pp., brochure,  18.95
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Ylva Verlag
Lesbian romance and adventure collide in this gripping story of survival and second chances. Georgia Hamilton is an adventurer. After a life spent exploring the most remote places on earth, she´s found her way back home to Scotland, where she teaches her expert survival skills. Kelsey Campbell has spent her whole life acting, both personally and professionally, and has had it with the pressure of keeping everyone else happy. Craving somewhere far from the glaring spotlight, she signs up for a two-week team survival course. It´s not just the remote island location that appeals to Kelsey. There´s the fact she met the course leader years ago and always regretted how they left things. However, just as Georgia and Kelsey are renewing their long-lost connection over bushcraft, a storm hits, leaving them stranded. With the group´s lives now in Georgia´s hands, the race is on to find a way home. As the reality of survival kicks in, their battle becomes about more than just facing the elements.
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