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Gary Zebrun: Someone You Know

Gary Zebrun: Someone You Know

USA 2004, 199 pp., brochure,  13.89
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Newspaper columnist Daniel Caruso has a wife he loves deeply, a daughter who means everything to him, and a secret that could destroy them all. At a conference in Seattle, he meets and spends a passionate night with Stephen Hart, a handsome firefighter. Awakening alone and deeply conflicted the next morning, Daniel once again resigns himself to the hollow pleasures and tainted joys of his dual existence. But on the journey home to Providence, Daniel receives a bizarre and frightening sign from someone who knows the most intimate details of his deception. Soon after he reunites with his family, another message makes it chillingly clear that Stephen Hart has been murdered. Through macabre communications the killer paints a brutally accurate ortrait of Daniel's sexual obsessions, leaving no doubt that he observes every move Daniel and his family make.
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