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Brontez Purnell: 100 Boyfriends

Brontez Purnell: 100 Boyfriends

USA 2021, 180 pp., brochure, € 17.95
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Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Transgressive, foulmouthed, and devastatingly funny, »100 Boyfriends« is a revelatory spiral into the imperfect lives of queer men desperately fighting - and often losing - the urge to self-sabotage. His characters solicit sex on their lunch breaks, expose themselves to racist neighbors, sleep with their coworker's husbands, rub Preparation H on their hungover eyes, and, in an uproarious epilogue, take a punk band on a disastrous tour of Europe. They also travel to claim inheritances, push past personal trauma, and cultivate community while living on the margins of a white supremacist, heteronormative society. Armed with a deadpan wit that finds humor in even the lowest of nadirs, Brontez Purnell - a widely acclaimed underground writer, filmmaker, musician, and performance artist - writes with the peerless zeal, insight, and horniness of a gay punk messiah.
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