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Sergei Polunin: Free

Sergei Polunin: Free

A Life in Images and Words. D 2021, 224 pp. with numerous b/w and colour photographs, hardcover,  51.40
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It's the story of Sergei Polunin´s life. Born in Ukraine, starting a career as a dancer at young age, admitted to the Royal Ballet School in London at 13, First Solo Dancer with 19, at 20 the youngest principal of all times - but he also became the enfant terrible of ballet, at 21, the ballet superstar exited his fabulous career and disputedly re-invented himself. He went to Russia, conquered the attention of new audiences and started to engage in new art forms, worked as an artists and an actor (the video »Take Me to Church« directed by David LaChapelle became an enormous hit on YouTube), This book (half memoir, half picture book) tells about the heights and depths of Polunin´s career, covers the moment when he decided to give up alcohol and drugs, and why he tested steroids once.
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