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Georgette Kaplan: You, Me, and the Sunken Treasure

Georgette Kaplan: You, Me, and the Sunken Treasure

D 2021, 240 pp., E-Book (Format epub),  6.99
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Ylva Verlag
Alone. Betrayed. Left for dead. The danger couldn’t be higher in this gripping, final chapter in The Cushing - Nevada Chronicles adventure romance, with kick-ass lesbians fighting for their lives - and each other. For years, rogue archaeologist Easy Nevada has been hunting artifacts of immense power for her billionaire employer. But when the key to unlocking their secrets turns out to be her partner, Candice Cushing, Easy’s boss double-crosses them. Candice is kidnapped and Easy is left stranded in the middle of the Sahara Desert with no supplies, no hope of rescue, and an army of mercenaries between her and Candice. They don’t stand a chance. Then again, they could always try things the Easy way.
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