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Emma Donoghue: Landing

Emma Donoghue: Landing

USA 2008, 324 pp., brochure,  19.95
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Sile is a stylish citizen of the new Dublin, a veteran flight attendant who´s traveled the world. Jude is a 25-year-old archivist, stubbornly attached to the tiny town of Ireland, Ontario, in which she was born and raised. On her first plane trip, Jude´s and Sile´s worlds touch and snag. In the course of the next year, their lives, and those of their friends and families, will be drawn into a new, shaky orbit. This lively lesbian romance - with a uniquely 21st-century twist - explores age-old questions: Does where you live matter more that whom you live with? What would you give up for love, and would you be a fool to do so?
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