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Jae: Wrong Number, Right Woman

Jae: Wrong Number, Right Woman

D 2020, 370 pp., brochure,  18.95
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Ylva Verlag
Flirting has never been Denny´s strong suit, but so what if she´s too shy to ask women out? She´s content with her simple life, working as a cashier and helping her sister raise her niece. But then she gets a wrong-number text message from a stranger named Eliza, asking her of all people for dating advice! Eliza is Denny´s total opposite: witty, outgoing - and straight. Despite their differences, the accidental text sparks an unlikely friendship. Soon, Eliza - self-proclaimed queen of disastrous first dates - would rather banter back and forth with Denny than to keep trying her luck at online dating. When they meet in person, there´s an instant connection. But what Eliza is feeling can´t be attraction, right? It doesn´t mean a thing that she´s starting to wish the guys she dates would be more like Denny. Or does it? Can the wrong number lead to the right woman after all? - »Wrong Number, Right Woman« is a light-hearted, slow-burn lesbian romance that embraces likable characters without all the drama.
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