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Karamo Brown: Karamo

Karamo Brown: Karamo

My Story of Embracing Purpose, Healing and Hope. UK/USA/AUS/CAN 2019, 290 pp. with numerous b/w photographies, brochure,  19.95
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Simon and Schuster
When Karamo Brown first auditioned for the casting directors of »Queer Eye«, he knew he wouldn't win the role of culture expert by discussing art and theater. Instead he decided to redefine what »culture« could - and should - mean for the show. He took a risk and declared, »I am culture«. Karamo believes that culture is so much more than art museums and the ballet – it's how people feel about themselves and others, how they relate to the world around them, and how their shared labels, burdens, and experiences affect their daily lives in ways both subtle and profound. Karamo's family is Jamaican and Cuban, was raised in the South in predominantly white neighborhoods, was trained as a social worker and psychotherapist. He overcame personal issues of colorism, physical and emotional abuse, alcohol and drug addiction, and public infamy. He is a proud and dedicated gay single father of two boys, one biological and one adopted. It is by discussing deep subjects like these, he feels, that the makeovers on the show can attain their full, lasting meaning. Styling your hair is important, but so is figuring out why you haven't done so in 20 years.