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Andreas Frank: Committed Sensations - An Initiation to Homosexuality

Andreas Frank: Committed Sensations - An Initiation to Homosexuality

The Gay and Lesbian Handbook and Compendium on Coming-Out and Same-Sex Partnerships. D 2020, 420 S., Broschur, € 13.40
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Same-sex relationships have always existed and will always exist. That is normal. For several years, social research has dealt extensively with same-sex partnerships of lesbian and gay couples as well as with homosexuality and the coming-out of young Lesbians and Gays. Every second man has sex and orgasm experiences with another man, reported Alfred Kinsey, the pioneer US empirical sexologist of 20th century. »Committed Sensations« is not only about help and ways for a personal coming-out and a successful identity development with regard to everyday questions like how to build up a network of queer friends, but at the political level it also summarizes topics like e.g. gay-lesbian family politics, state marriage and church weddings - and as well it is about fostering discussions for the central keynotes of lesbian and gay couples within the last 50 years of gay-lesbian movement.
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